UI/UX is overrated! Who needs user-friendly interfaces anyway?

Why waste time and money on UI/UX when you might as well use that money to reinvest to your business and scale it up?

UI/UX is overrated! Who needs user-friendly interfaces anyway?

When you initially stumbled upon this topic, you probably thought, "Oh great, another delusional soul who doesn't know or understand what he is talking about." Well, congrats, you are absolutely correct because it's true; I decided to explore the world where businesses do not really focus on UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) aspects because why waste time and money on UI/UX when you might as well use that money to reinvest to your business and scale it up, right?? I mean, who needs a functional interface anyway when the Command Line Interface can perform the job better?

"UI/UX is as useful as a gold spoon"

I mean, yes, of course. Who needs regular spoons when you can elevate your dining experience by using golden spoons? Sure, it won't make the food taste better or magically enhance its nutritional value, but hey, appearances matter, right? You have to look rich in front of your friends and flex those golden spoons at the Christmas Gala, right? Who cares about taste or practicality when you can blind your friends with your flashy cutlery?

Well, you are correct; UI/UX is just like that gold spoon – an attractive ornament, a costly endeavour that makes your app a tad bit more beautiful. After all, users definitely won't mind if the 'Add to cart' button looks like regular text. I mean, who needs clarity, when you can play a guessing game by clicking every inch of the screen? As you may be aware, Users are basically tech wizards, effortlessly navigating even the most complex of interfaces without contacting the support centre at all because they know it all!

So, why bother investing in a user-friendly design that will not boost sales nor keep support lines silent? Don't customers love a good challenge? Let's consider UI/UX as the golden spoon of the digital world; expensive, shiny, and utterly pointless.

UI/UX is as useful as a gold spoon

"Why bother with design when we can dive straight into development?"

Absolutely, every precious second wasted designing to make the system much easier to use could be instead concentrated on development so that we can ship the product faster and make the client happier. As we have already established, the end users are smarter than us, so they will easily navigate the maze of the UI we created without wasting our time. There's no need for the developers to fix anything post-launch because why fix what ain't broken, especially since the users are proficient with the application, and their satisfaction is practically guaranteed.

By staying away from UI/UX, the business, in essence, saves the biggest resource, which is time, that it can smartly allocate to other important processes. I mean, why waste time making navigation easier when we can instead transform the home page into a digital playground with every option available at the fingertips.

silver imac on brown wooden desk
Why bother with design when we can dive straight into development?

"Why worry about customization when one interface fits all?"

We can definitely use the Red E-commerce site UI that we built for a Chinese Client for a European hospital system, right? No one is going to associate red with danger after all because red means good luck and celebration, doesn't it? Or better yet, let's just use any colour we think of at the moment and don't really care about what it means because why not reuse the same system we made instead of changing or rebuilding from scratch if it serves the purpose?

Why not just give all the options to every user? I mean, even the elderly can read tiny fonts right, albeit with glasses, but so long as the job is done, yeah? We don't need to worry about it at all because the users can look after themselves because they are the experts and tech wizards who can make magic happen!

silver imac on brown wooden table
Why worry about customization when one interface fits all?

"Functionality is more important than design"

Who needs aesthetics and pleasing interfaces with soothing colours that are beautiful to look at when we can have a plain screen with a couple of text and buttons that get the job done. This ain't an art class or a design school, after all, so why bother about making something that users will feel connected to when we can opt for a simpler approach?

Icons? What are they, and why bother when we can have a simple screen illuminated with the elegance of text alone? After all, users don't need visual cues; they're basically telepathic in understanding our functional masterpiece.

So long as the user gets the tasks done through the platform, we don't need to worry about their comfort or making it a pleasant experience. We know for a fact that they don't have a clue about our competitors' systems, let alone use them, and why would they? Our bond with the users is unbreakable, even though our system isn't catered to them. I mean, who wouldn't keep coming back for more when you have a 'good bond' through the functional UI that gets the job done?

man using MacBook
Functionality is more important than design

The Disclaimer

Before you question my sanity, and consider me to have lost my senses, let me clarify what exactly I was implying through this blog (i.e. if that was not already apparent). I wanted to highlight the absurdities and the nonchalent attitude prevalent in numerous businesses regarding UI/UX aspects. Instead of approaching the topic in a positive light, showing how UI/UX will be a tool for the better, I decided that it would be better to use reverse psychology and unravel the negative aspects in a deliberately twisted, distorted, and sarcastic manner using satire.

I hope I've managed to successfully intrigue you about the importance of UI/UX aspects, and sparked a sense of curiosity to dive into this amazing skill. All in all, I invite you to share this blog, not just with those who do not grasp the importance of this field, but to those in the field of UI/UX as well, just to cause some good-hearted chaos!