Streamlining and Optimizing Services for Stag Technologies

This case study delves into how ZaVolt's expertise propelled the optimization and development of Stag Technologies services.

Streamlining and Optimizing Services for Stag Technologies


In the dynamic landscape of Information Technology, the pursuit of operational excellence and elevated user experiences has become a hallmark of success. Stag Technologies recognized the need to optimize its offerings to align with this ethos. This case study delves into how ZaVolt's expertise propelled the optimization and development of Stag Technologies services.

About Stag Technologies

Stag Technologies operates as a prominent entity within the Information Technology sector, specializing in the provisioning of Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions. Additionally, the company undertakes the development of an in-house proprietary product known as "Perks," which serves as an innovative appointment booking application.


  1. Optimization: Stag Technologies' core objective was to refine and elevate the operational efficiency of the Perks mobile application, alongside their clients' websites, aiming for unparalleled performance and user experience enhancement.
  2. Bug Fixing: The pivotal goal for Stag Technologies was to rectify software glitches and anomalies within both the mobile application and various websites. This focus on bug fixing was essential to ensure that end-users experienced uninterrupted and seamless interactions.
  3. Updating Frameworks: Stag Technologies pursued the strategic initiative of modernizing the fundamental frameworks that underpinned both the application and the website. This endeavor was driven by the need to align with the latest industry standards, uphold stringent security protocols, and address deprecated codebases, ensuring a future-proof digital infrastructure.


ZaVolt teamed up with Stag Technologies for a comprehensive optimization drive. Analyzing the Perks app and other websites, they refined code, boosting responsiveness and reducing load times. This strategy considerably improved the user experience and operational efficiency. ZaVolt's systematic approach resolved software glitches and anomalies, enhancing user satisfaction and minimizing disruptions. Collaborating closely with Stag Technologies, they modernized the app and website frameworks, updating outdated code and reinforcing security. This alignment with the latest advancements improved robustness, longevity, and industry relevance.


Sabith Mazahir

Abdullah and the team at ZaVolt brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table. Their relentless attitude and attention to detail is what I admire the most, when it comes to their ways of working. I felt as if we had our own development team backing us up. I have my complete trust and fullest confidence in this young and upcoming team, and I wish them all the success in the years to come.

Sabith Mazahir Head of Sales & Marketing at Stag Technologies